Dec 10, 2014

Bass and Subwoofer Test Sound File


How many of you love big bass? Have subwoofer that you've been tuning and yet not much sound file that have that deep low bass for you to test.

Here I give you files that I've been using to check out my bass. But for all rounder, I just use Paul van Dyke - Castles in the sky. You can search that one yourself.

Have around ten files here. A mix of some that I found few years back. I just use this as my standard because I already know the sound. 

Make your tuning much more easier than using normal mainstream songs.

Enjoy!! :)


Nov 28, 2012

Buddy Valastro, ThE Cake Boss!!


Who watched The Cake Boss?? My new favourite show whenever it's on. Buddy is so cool. He is just like the coolest guy ever. He bake, he cooks...and he made it all look so easy! 

Not ala high level france chef style. And the thing is, I like Italian food. I never know those kind of food he cooks exists. 

Anyway, he is my idol now. Looking forward to experimenting in my kitchen. Lol



Langkah masih jauh...langkah masih baru


Feb 27, 2011



I think empathy is a great thing. When you open yourself towards others, the more you can understand and finally rationalized with them. Its often I saw during meeting there will always be one or two person who cannot accept others opinion.

I think this is not good. Because only when you can hear from others first and do the judgement later or provide better solution, then it was a sign that one have matured.

Being sellfish and hot headed just show that the person is still not matured and cannot make good decision.

This is my 2 cents. Also reminder for myself to be more open towards others when speaking...


Salesman Chinese VS Salesman Melayu

Salam All,

I think there is typical thinking when you relate chinese and malay in economy. And one thing that everyone agrees is that Chinese hold our economy. That can be true also. But What I want to express in this post is the difference between chinese and malay salesman - car salesman to be precise.

See, my family have experience this few times already.

First story: My late father is a regular postman. Wearing blue uniform, riding kapcai motorcycle, come to a Proton Showroom decided few days ago that he wanted to buy a Waja. Arriving to the showroom on EX5 and wearing the uniform, at the moment it was the malay salesman entertained him. With typical look in the eyes like my father have no money, he merely there for him to show him more of the car. With frustated and feeling like he was looked down for make my father leave at ONCE - which is a lost for the MALAY salesguy.

Second story: With same attire and kapcai my father went to another Proton showroom. He really determined as it was a supprise gift for my mother. Its not like we do not have any car at the moment. This time it was a Chinese salesman. He explain the car with full enthusiasm, explaining full feature, choices can be made, option car and many more. After satisfied my father did book the car. Together with quite high amount of deposit because my father do not like have too many loan. We got the car few weeks later.

What I want to point out is, this is the current condition. The mentality for Malays. Most of them are not honest in doing business. Only looking for first impression to judge others. Only entertain high class people and have money. Choosy in doing business or work. This negative thinking. We should all get rid of it. Its like every Malay is typical.

Few years ago same thing happened to my mother when she went to buy Saga BLM. Since I was at Pahang, she went with her friend. With typical makcik appearance no one will bother to attend to her. But there was this Chinese salesman and I really thanked him a LOT because he is willing to help her and make the process went smooth and easy. We still contact to this day. Yesterday we contact him again. Even though he already quit from Proton, he still willing to come and show us. With previous experience, we are happy to have his service again. We decided to take new since my brother will finish college soon.

There was once my mother tell me, when she went to workshop to repair her car - Indian owned workshop (see, my family do not have any issue with races. haha) We've been customer for this workshop for a very long time already. While waiting for her car to finish, there was two malay - wearing smart attire (again...sorry. but what to do? most of shameless things are done by my own race) and their car is finished. But when the boss quote them the price they went like "Eh..mahal nye. 40 ringgit dah lah. Apalah kau ni mahal-mahal." - and drove off. The mechanics dealing with them with shock in his eyes just stand there speechless. This workshop is known for their honesty and cheap service charge. I feel ashamed things like this happened. If I was there I would just yell back "KALAU TAK ADA DUIT TAK PAYAH NAK PAKAI KERETA LAAA!!!! KONON PAKAI SMART2 TAPI DUIT TAKDAK BAIK TAK PAYAAHHH!!"

With good rapport with customer, any salesman will surely be remembered and the customer will return for them. I just hope that the malay one will realize someday, not everyone with smart appearance have money and people with normal appearance don't have money. Hope this is lesson learned by those salesman. I also really hoping that any Malay reading this will change their attitude and mentality to be more positive towards others.



Jun 20, 2010



For those following my blog since the beginning might notice that my interest is on Japanese female idols. But now has changed to Korea pop music. Well, at least not to specifically enjoying one girl group and ignore the rest. Actually k-pop industry is much more than that. Even their boyband is enjoying to hear and watch. My personal favorite is SNSD, Kara, After School, 2PM. Others I just listen to so-so.

But still, I really cannot leave my original music genre which I knew since secondary school. METAL!!! Slipknot is my all time favorite. Followed by Children of Bodom, Avenged Sevenfold, Deicide, Godsmack, Disturbed, Cromok, Stone Sour and many more which I almost forgot. 

Today I went to work with my mp5 player fully loaded with many songs not just metal, but also korean, japanese and many more. But from start of work, I select the menu "Artist" and not "All Songs" like I usually do, and selected - Slipknot. From morning till night, finish work, driving, back at home...still repeating the playlist again and again.

Man...I just love how slipknot sounds. For those who say slipknot is overrated band probably need to restate their opinion. They are not GREAT for their individual abilities, but they are GREAT with their abilities to play as one unit. Their songs are all masterpiece for me. The sound they make is just-very addicting. Just as John Otto of Limp Bizkit drum beats.

p/s: heck...I do miss Limp Bizkit. The whole band is talented. John Otto with great drum lines, heavy riff from Wes Borland, tight bass from Sam Rivers, Dj Lethal and also Fred Durst. But I think the main attraction of Limp Bizkit is also their sound as a team. The sound is so addicting which makes one to play the record again and again...just like slipknot did :D